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Nick BennettSep,05 2017 03:30:43
I very much like the idea of following or visiting the footsteps that my grandfather made when he was part of the Younghusband Expedition to Tibet in 1903/4 Their starting point was Northern India and ended up in Lhasa infact my grandfather was present at the signing of the treaty.
I was wondering how modern day Tibetans felt about talking about the Younghusband Expedition and that part of their history and whether it might be possible to include a drive from Yadong in the south on the S204 to Gyangze and on to Lhasa as well as other places of interest in Tibet.
Please give me an idea
Thank you.
Nick Bennett
admin09-062017): Dear Nick Bennett
I read about Younghuasband’s Expedition to Tibet though it is not allowed for any foreign travelers to visit or Land drive from Yadong to Gyantse. As there are lots of places in Tibet where the tourism is not allowed to do. So Yadong is the one. But if you are interested you can take a trip which will start from Lhasa then to Gyantse – Shigatse –Lhasa for 6 Days tour. To have little more information on the Tour itinerary please check on our website http://www.exploretibet.com/tibet-group-tours/6-days-Cultural-Experience-Group-Tour.html

May I know when do you like to take the trip in Tibet? How many people are there with you? Please answer me these questions and then we can proceed further…
Best Regards
Kalsang Namgyal (Your Trip Advisor)
jeff kleinAug,24 2017 11:30:17
Tashi Delek
Do you offer transport to Nepal?
I like the kailish tour is it 1 night over at EBC?
Warm Regards
admin08-252017): Dear Jeff klein

Thanks for your inquiry。

Sorry the border still close from Nepal to Lhasa so you only can take flight from KTM to Lhasa or Lhasa to KTM.

And yes there will be one night at EBC

Best Regards
Othmar ZendronJul,22 2017 09:07:20
We are 3 Austrians who want to go from Beijing to Lhasa by train (dep. 2Aug) stay some days there and maybe continue to Xigaze by train.
How much would you charge p. p.  for providing permits and a walking tour in Lhasa? 
Thank you for your prompt reply.
admin07-242017): Dear Othmar Zendron

Permit information:
Tibet Travel Permit

I am really sorry according to Tibet travel regulations we cannot sell permit (http://www.exploretibet.com/Essential-Info/Tibet-Visa-Permits/ ) without arranging a tour for travelers any other tour agencies cannot either. Because when we apply for the permit we need the detailed itinerary and daily program places you will visit all detailed information of the tour you book with us or we are impossible to get your permit I hope you can understand thank you.

Tibet travel permit process take around 18 days and we need 3 days to send you the permit in mainland China so we need your clear scanned copy of passport and China tourist visa. Yes we will take care the permit for you.

As you will take plane to Lhasa you will need to give me your last hotel’s name/address in mainland China before flying to Lhasa so that when your permit is issued we will mail it to your hotel that usually takes 3 days with the permit you can board the plane to Lhasa. Thank you. If you will take train then you only need the copy of the permit to aboard the train.

So the total permit process will take around 20 days.

Yes we can help you with the Tibet permit but now firstly I will need to know the following and then I can help for customizing a better trip. Please let me know the specific date of your arriving in Tibet and how many days you would like in Tibet then I can quote to you accordingly.

Looking forward to hear from you.

Best Regards
Mia (Trip Advisor)
Jeff CarmeanJun,26 2017 15:12:02
Hi my wife and I have a Chinese visa and want to visit Lhasa in late September 2017.  After reading this page it will cost $140 each as we are from US.  Does this mean that you can get us travel permits for that price and we don‘t have to actually be part of a tour?  I am confused a little in this part.  We want to see see Lhasa for 3 days any info is welcome.  


admin07-042017): Dear Jeff Carmean

If you are entering Tibet from a city in Mainland China then your Chinese visas are great. But if you are enter Tibet from Nepal then your Chinese visa will be canceled and the embassy will issue new Chinese visa which is called Tibet Group Visa. That visa is not attached inside passport instead it is printed on an A4 size paper with detail information of your passport and from which date you will enter Tibet and so on…Therefore if you enter Tibet from Mainland China then no need to worry about this page.

Tibet Travel Permit Tibet Travel Permit is very essential and must for foreign travelers traveling to Tibet it can be obtained within 18 days. So we request and appreciate you to confirm booking a tour at least 18 days before your trip starts the earlier the better. Then we have enough time to prepare and to apply for the Tibet Travel Permit for you.
Will need you to send us clear scan copies or photos of passports and Chinese tourist L type visa. If other type of visas need also either work permit or invitation letter. Once I receive all your documents with your tour deposit then I will process them further to work on the Tibet Travel Permit.

Best Regards
Kalsang Namgyal (Your Trip Advisor)
Al AllingtonJun,21 2017 10:23:36
I am in China for six months. I want a Tibet alien travel permit. Can I get an e-permit?
admin07-142017): Dear Al Allington

Tibet Travel Permit:
Tibet travel permit process takes around 18 days and we need 3 days to send you the permit in mainland China so we need your clear scanned copy of passport and China tourist visa. Yes we will take care of the permit for you.

For Alien permit some of areas require it can you please let me know where would you like to visit in Tibet ? Also all the permits are paper permit We can mail it to mainland China.
Best Regards
Rex (Your Trip advisor)
Livia StaudingerJun,20 2017 22:41:21
Der Explore Tibet Team
Me and 3 Friends would like to travel to Tibet during the Golden Week. So we are looking for a tour that starts on Sat Sept 30th or Sund Oct 1st lasting for 6-8 days. We would like to start in Lhasa. For the itenery we are open minded but preferring to go to to the Everest base camp.

Do you have tours availabe for this time slot as well as 4 people? If yes could you please send me an offer including itenery and cost overview?
Thanks and looking forward to your answer :-)
admin06-212017): Dear Livia

Tibet tour information:
Here I recommend you join 8 days Mt. Everest group tour on 1st Oct. but please confirm as soon as you can there are only 6 seats available and many travelers are booking on this date.
Why 8 days EBC group tour?
1 this is the most popular trip in Tibet we nearly have more than 3000 travelers in a year taking this trip.
2 this is the highest mountain must be once in a lifetime.
3 you can enjoy the most beautiful sunset and sunrise of Mt. Everest.
The cost for 8 days EBC exploration group tour is USD950 per person in Oct 8 Days EBC Exploration Group Tour

Best Regards
Rex (Your Trip advisor)

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